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How is it work?

You probably would like to know how this system works. Instead of more pages with technical data, let’s see it in the clearest way, YOURS:




1. Select a country!

2. Then a vehicle category!

3. Your target city will be…

4. Now, fill the request form.

5. Done? Make your free request!


You have the ability to choose all the companies, or just a few according to their ratings.
Limousine Center forwards your requests to all of our partners based on your selection.

Now, see how companies react!



We also have a great follow-up system, this way every request surely finds its way to the partners. After 2 working days, we send You a feedback enquiry e-mail, where you can tell us your opinion about the offers you got. If you need more than you’ve got during that period, we contact all the partners you selected about your inquiry to make sure you get the best offer. This way you can have a panoramic view on your inquiry.


In Limousine Center there’s NO COMMISSION, NO CHARGES, we won’t ask you for payment. Furthermore, we do our utmost to protect data entered by You, according to the best technical level available today.


We have also set up a small tutorial with several tips on how to get the best possible offers. To read them, please click here!



Are you interested? Try our premium service, FREE!



  • You can use your OWN profile
  • All-in service in 50 countries
  • Contacts of more than 5000 companies
  • You can build worldwide partnerships
  • The chance to have a panoramic view on the services
  • You can view the reviews directly



Want to know more? Click here!