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About Us

Mankind is linked by many lines, in the main this is a technical miracle. However the biggest miracle is the man as its own. Can we raise this miracle? Yes, we can by promoting human relationships. Our company is bringing people together. How?


Our mission is to continuously and fully build out direct personal and human relationships. Our main purpose is this mighty principle - we keep going on in this business serving people for more than 25 years. After these years in the personal transportation sector we realized that this sector has huge deficiencies that in 2010 called alive


Limousine Center

the“bridge between people”



Why? Because people loves when they get everything in one place. They also love when they can use their native language, and when they can sit back and enjoy the uninterrupted personalized services. This is Limousine Center.

And Limousine Center is able to connect you with local reliable chauffeur companies which have local knowledge and true local prices also. How? We do not collect any commission from these companies and this will ensure you get the best local prices too! And our system support you to make the best decision based on factors like companies’ services, cars, prices and other factors.


Limousine Center doesn’t leave transporting companies alone as they also like and need worldwide services. As a center, we help these local limousine and ground transportation companies to reach our clients’ requests and we support them to give clients high quality service.


Our achievements till now are impressive. In numbers: more than 25 years’ experience in personal transportation service, on all the five continents, in more than 50 countries, more than 2500 cities, more than 6000 local partner companies, with almost 100,000 enquires delivered yearly. Limousine Center moves and this is ensuring the growing of these data.


Beyond these data we are proud of the high quality of our widespread servicesthe most, because our mission can be fulfilled only in high levels to build up direct personal and business relationships.


This is the Limousine Center. This is the place where people get together. And this is how you and us became WE. We are making people’s life easier and better.


Travel with us and enjoy the personalized services of our local partners worldwide!